1. In these terms and conditions-:
“The Company” shall mean AG HOME IMPROVEMENT ( also trading as AG PLUMBING AND HEATING ) Of 1 Mendip Close Horwich Bolton BL6 7NW
“The Customer” shall mean the individual or body for whom the company has agreed to carry out the work.
“The property” shall mean the building or buildings to which the company has agreed to carry out work for the customer.

2. The Contract between the company and the customer shall be subject to these terms and conditions not withsdanding anything to the contrary
in any order given by the customer. Any variation of these terms and conditions must be in writing signed on behalf of the Company.

3. Any estimate prepared by the Company is based on the examination of the property, which it was possible to carry out. On occasion in course of
work it becomes apparent that there are problems with the building which could not have been detemined by the examinations which was not
possible, in that event the Company will report to the customer giving details of the additional work which will be necessary to achieve the
customers objective, in the event of the customer approving such work the Company will be entitled to be paid for the work at the day work rate
specified in the Company’s Estimate and to be paid the retail cost of materials used in such work. The Company will give credit for any materials
included in the original contract work which is unnecessary in view of the additional work.
In the event of the customer not wishing to have the additional work carried out, the customer shall be entitled to terminate the contract and the
Company will be entitled to be paid for any work already carried out at the day work rate and to be paid for materials used at retail cost.
In the event of the customer refusing to authorize the additional work required to the property, the work will not carry any form of guarantee.

4. The Company warrants that it carries full Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance cover in respect of work it carries out.

5. Whilst every possible precaution will be taken by the Company , it will not responsible for any damage caused to internal fixtures and fittings.

6. The Company’s report on the property is the Company’s view ( on the basis of the examination which was possible ) of the work
required to resolve the problems. The report is not a structural survey of the property and must not be read as such. The Company shall not be
responsible if, upon completion of the work, the property is structurally unsound or unfit for habitation unless such is consequent upon work
carried out by the Company.

7. The Company will tender its invoice upon completion of work. The Company’s invoice sum must be paid within 14 days, unless otherwise stated
In writing by the Company, in the event of payment not being made within this period the invoice will bear interest from the invoice date at a
Rate of 4% per annum above National Westminster’s Bank rate.

8. The Goods /Materials supplied/fitted, shall remain the sole and absolute property of the Company as legal and equitable owner until such time
as the customer shall have paid to the Company the invoice sum plus interest and cost.

9. Complaints Procedure. A complaint must be made to the Company in writing, together with a deposit of £100 to offset any expenses incurred
by the Company if the complaint is not upheld. The Company’s complaint procedure will begin once the afore mentioned sum has been received,
copies available on request.

10. Additional work requested by the customer, payment shall become due immediately the additional work is carried out.

11. Our current day work rate, for extra or unforeseen work is £ 20 per hour per person plus materials.